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A home is a place where our heart belongs. No matter how hectic and tiresome our day might have been, once we reach home, everything seems fine. Even though the home is our favourite place, we still party outside, sometimes willingly and most of the time as a matter of habit, Best Theme Party Ideas.

But what if we party at home? No time bounding, no reservations about what to do and what not to do, wouldn’t it be fun partying at home in our style? Here is a list of unique themes for hosting a house party at home.

1 . Harry Potter Magic Theme Party

Are you and your clan harry potter lovers? Then this party theme is perfect for you. For one day, let the magical world unfold and a normal day turns into a party at the school of Hogwarts. Create invitations in the form of folding paper or send it digitally with a burnt background theme.

Wearing long cloaks, pointed hats, holding wands, surrounded by candles, background music and a table filled with a variety of interestingly customized dishes is what you need to get the feel of the wizardly world. You can add harry potter props and create contests such as racing on a broom and showing magic tricks.

2 . Bollywood Glamour Theme Party

If you are fond of the glamour that Bollywood showcases, then this party will surely leave you spellbound. Create your guest list, design the invitations in a classy way, let the dressing theme be Bollywood.

Decorate your home with Bollywood posters, reels, cassettes, create some funky props or a fake set where you and your friends can get pictures clicked or maybe shoot some scenes for fun. Organize competitions such as singing and acting and felicitate the winners at your ared-carpet event. Let this Bollywood house party at home be an unforgettable one.

3 . Jungle Book Theme Party

We all have grown up seeing the jungle book and it still excites us to get a glimpse of it on TV, making us nostalgic. If we all are so fond of it why not have a party with this theme, it is a great way to connect with nature and appreciate the wild animals who are a part of this world too.

Give your home a wild look, add plants, make little tents, let everything be green. Let the food menu have fruits, salads, and veggie sticks.

4 . Glow in the Dark Theme Party

Glow in the dark is a fun theme for a house party at home where you are surrounded by glowing things in the dark. Fill your home with stars, planets, asteroids, and glowing stickers to experience and enjoy a different style of party. You can also use some fairy lights for decoration and create some DIY props using bottles and vases. This party set is perfect for the ones who enjoy partying at night.

5 . Retro Theme Party

No matter how much we evolve, we remain fond of old as it feels like home giving us a sense of belonging. This party is all about reliving the good old days, dressing up like the olden times, revisiting and remembering who we once were.

Having a retro house party at home has its charm and elegance.  It can be further enjoyed by adding some old-style music, movies, and having a quiz on a particular era.

6 . Carnival Theme Party

Carnival theme party is all about a grand celebration where everyone is invited no matter what your age is. It has food counters, games, magic shows, DJ, swings, and everything that your heart wishes for.

This house party at home requires a lot of preparation, you can put small counters with different snacks and dishes, have some tables set with games, puzzles, and contest. Swings can be set up in the garden or on the terrace, one counter can be set up for a magician, and the other for a tattoo.

This is not all, you can put tickets on everything and have lucky draws and some return gifts for all.

7 . Doughnut Theme Party

This party is for doughnut lovers who have a sweet tooth and just cannot have enough. Let everything that in this party represents a doughnut, from decoration to the crockeries used. This party is a doughnut special where everything is home-cooked and where you find a variety of doughnuts which you haven’t seen before.

This house party at home is a dream that a doughnut lover cannot even dream about dreaming, it’s simply extravagant.

8 . Circus Theme Party

Looking for some fun? It has been a long time since you have laughed heartily? It’s time for a circus party, invite your friends over and there won’t be minute which you wouldn’t enjoy.  Preparing for this party in itself will make you happy.

Select the joker from your house, the one blessed with a great sense of humour, ask friends to nominate themselves for playing funny stunts, let your little furry buddy shake a leg, and your party will be remembered forever. Make sure that you all look funny and put a fine on those who don’t because life is too short to be serious.

9 . Arabian Nights Theme Party

Welcome to the world of mysterious folk tales where everything will make you feel as if you have landed in the world of Aladdin. This house party at home entrants strictly need to follow the Arabian dress code, the decoration needs to have Arabic props and the perfect setting to instantly make everyone forget the outside world for some time. Let dishes have an Arabic touch and aroma that will drain away from your senses only for good.

10. Ice Cream Theme Party

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream because we all love ice cream. This party is to enjoy different types of ice creams forgetting our diets and indulging in some mouth-watering flavours till our hearts’ desire.

Since it is an ice cream party, the decoration should be all about it, the home can be decorated with cones, cups, sticks, and ice cream stickers. You can have various home-made ice creams made using grandmother’s recipes, have different tables set up with these. Enjoy different flavours of ice cream as much as you can!

11 . Rock and Roll Theme Party            

It’s time to rock the floor with rock and roll house party at home because when life gets tough, the tough ones got to get going. Decorate home with black and silver props and give it a classic touch. Dress up the hardcore way, wear boots and spike your hair as you dance your way on the dance floor.

Play the list of classic and modern rock songs while people get their hair colour sprayed and have a temporary tattoo done to get the actual feel.

12 . Candy Crush Theme Party

This party is for all but will end up being a kid’s favourite. People have been enjoying the candy crush game no matter what their age is. This party brings those candies out of your phone into reality. Imaging you enter your home and find yourself surrounded by these, wouldn’t your childhood dream become real?

 This house party at home requires simple decoration wherein you can create candies out of paper and sheets and hang or stick them all around. Display a collection of different colourful sweets on one side. This theme party is mainly to enjoy desserts and sweet treats.

You may even try to wear dresses with candy print or at least have an accessory added to your getup representing candy.

13 . Musical Magic Theme Party

Music is what soothes us when we are upset, brings a smile on our face and can instantly make us shake a leg, that’s the power of music. To have a musical house party at home can be a dream come true for music lovers.

This party requires a soothing decoration, you can have musical symbols hanging from the ceiling, have instruments set-up and that’s it. Those who enjoy playing instruments can do so while others can sing their favourites of all time. This party is about sharing, enjoying and celebrating music and live.

14 . Art Attack Theme Party

Art attack is all about letting your hidden creativity out which has been waiting for so long. This party includes a lot of artistic activities. You can engage all the participants in a single activity by putting a huge canvas simply taking the side of the wall which wanted to do something with.

Give them the freedom to paint it, write on it, try some graffiti, draw and do what their heart desire. You can even have little contest where some tasks can be allotted to the participants which are needed to be completed in a minute. These parties are fun and help in freeing our creative side.

15 . Superheroes Theme Party

We all have a superhero inside us or at least we did think about being one in our lives whether spiderman, superman, or a batman. No worries, superheroes theme house party at home is a party to bring out the superhero in us.

 Decorating our home extraordinarily and getting dressed as our superhero is not the only thing that this party involves. In addition to these basic things, you got to bring with you a story, an incident where you were a superhero for someone or you saw someone do something unusually humane.

16 . Game of Thrones Theme Party

Are you a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones? Have you been dreaming yourself as one of those or can relate to one of them in many ways? No matter what, here is a chance to be one. Game of Thrones house party is for the lovers who wouldn’t miss its single episode, who can skip everything just to watch it without any interference.

To decorate home the right way for this party, one needs to have assistance from a Game of Throne fan. Call them and everything will just fall into place. Its time to see them play their favourite character.

17 . Beach Theme Party

For some parties are to have fun, and dance while for others it is a way to divert their mind from their hectic schedules and relax. Beach party offers a perfect combo for both types of people. To have a house party at home with a beach theme, you first need to find a perfect area that you want to decorate like a beach.

For example, if you have a pool, you can play waves sound in the background and decorate the area with lights. You can install tables or put little tents and candle lights to give it a perfect soothing touch. Beach parties are a perfect way to relax and enjoy nature.

18 . Rainbow Theme Party

Rainbow theme party is all about colors, hope, and celebration of life. This theme party as the name suggests involves a lot of colours. From decoration to dress up to food, everything needs to be exceptionally colourful, pleasant and full of life.

Coming to food, there can numerous colorful dishes, candies, and cupcakes which can be beautifully set up giving your eyes a visual treat. Let the magic of rainbows unfold and add some sparkle to your life.

Not only these, but there are also many more things which can be used to convert your mundane parties into wonderful. A House party is a great way to unite with friends, family, colleagues, and nothing can be better than doing it at home.

Although preparing a house party at home on your own is indeed a tiring job, what you can do is ask someone to do it all for you. Houz party not only decorates but also does the entire party arrangement for you including food, DJ, arranging comedians, organizing magic shows, and everything your heart desires but might have not been able to do had you done it yourself.

While the house party at home is a way to relax and enjoy, the houz party makes sure that you do exactly that while they take up your load. Happy Partying!

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