How does it feel to have a drink with your friend at the comfort of your cosy house? No fancy dressing up, no make-ups, no travel, and traffic hassle. Just you and your chosen friends at your comfort place. Isn’t the idea itself brings a feeling of pure bliss?

House parties are gaining popularity as they are not formal or time-bound. You would not have waiters roaming around you for orders also not gazing at your plates on how fast can you finish your meal and leave. House parties are pure fun for any age. Starting from toddlers, kids, teenagers, young couples, or even the senior housemates. It’s an easy and most liked option for anyone and everyone around. Another key category is young couples with kids who love this option as they do not have to worry about people getting disturbed if the little one needs an urgent feed or their toddler will mess up fine dining set up in a fancy restaurant or lounge. At a house party, you have your corner where you can take care of everything, not missing the fun at the same time.

With evolving space for house parties in India, various services are being offered in the market making house parties easy to execute and fun. If you are someone who loves to experiment with your preferred guests, some quick finger snacks, quirky drinks, and smartly planned meals do all that’s need to make a house party success. So, what’s your plan for the next gathering? Going out or planning a house party?

Manisha Kateja |Co-founder |

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